Frequent Questions About Our Prepared Food Shop Products


My family has special dietary needs, can I place special orders?
Yes! At Cocina DeLeon, we are more than happy to cater to our customer’s special needs. At our prepared food shop, we have made vegan enchiladas without cheese, no-onion enchiladas and much more. Call us three days before you would like to pick up your order and we will take care of you.


What makes your enchiladas gluten-free?
We make our enchiladas authentically and that means using corn tortillas instead of the Tex-Mex version of using flour tortillas. In traditional Mexican cooking, corn tortillas are preferred when making enchiladas. Also, we use all natural ingredients with no preservatives and no junk. We use whole natural ingredients and therefore, we are able to avoid using gluten in our enchiladas.


How long can I keep my pans of frozen enchiladas in the freezer?
We recommend that you can bake your frozen enchiladas up to four months after you have purchased them. However, I have baked enchiladas that have been in my home freezer six months later and they were still very yummy!


How long will my thawed enchiladas last in the refrigerator?
We recommend that you bake your enchiladas within 5 days of thawing the pan in the refrigerator. A customer had thawed her enchiladas and could not bake them before she left on vacation. In this case we advised our customer to bake the enchiladas and then place the pan of baked enchiladas back into the freezer to thaw and microwave when she got home from vacation.